3D-Printed Prototype Castings

Print an AlSi10Mg prototype casting to speed your design and development timeline compared to small run prototype dies and match the complexities of your casting design compared to CNC aluminum machined prototypes.

3D printed casting detail2

Quickly prototype large, complex castings for your customers. 3D printed prototypes make sense for parts that cannot be machined (but can be cast), complex geometries that have long machining times or lead times, and customers that desire a component that looks similar to a casting (the rough print surface is similar to an as-cast surface).

HTS printed prototypes are great for:

  • Developing internal jigs, fixtures in advance of casting production
  • Practice setups for post-casting machining operations
  • Functional prototypes for design, casting, and product development


  • Material: AlSi10Mg
  • Prototype Size range: 630mm x 400mm x 500mm
  • Lead Time: Ships in 2-6 Weeks. Rush orders available.


  • Best Effort Print (Standard, 90% success rate, best price and lead time, may have some slight print defects)
  • Support Structure Removal and Thermal Treatment (Standard, printed part is cleaned up after the printing process and stress relieved to reduce warping)


  • Guaranteed Part (Optional Upgrade, increased cost, lead time, guaranteed quality for specified areas of part)
  • Post-Print Machining (Optional Upgrade, zones of printed prototype are machined to specification)