We believe process efficiency is the key to growth in manufacturing

Our innovative components for injection molding and die casting are helping manufacturers reduce cycle time and become more efficient. Our iTherm® line focuses on the engineering of conformal cooling channels into molds, dies, and tooling components. Enhanced cooling enables many benefits, including: reduced cycle time, reduced polymer warpage, reduced casting porosity and soldering, and improved component life and wear resistance.
The cycle time savings help our customers compete in a global market. We are proud of our role in providing these solutions, and HTS IC is steadily expanding its solution to manufacturers that are looking to gain productivity, reshore, and improve quality. HTS IC is headquartered in Wienna (EU HQ), and in Knoxville, TN, (US HQ) where continual R&D efforts allow us to expand the solutions available to our customers.

Innovative components

HTS IC designs, engineers, simulates, and manufactures components for use in injection molding, die casting, extrusion, and hot stamping. We optimize conformal cooling and thermal management solutions. We manufacture tooling components that no one else can.


Through investing to knowledge, research and development, HTS IC is a principal solution provider to mass-production industry for productivity improvement; where solution is addressed as manufactured industrial-component designed and optimized for optimum production performance, based on principles of novel manufacturing technologies.


  • deliver optimized thermally-managed industrial-components to businesses for advancement of their productivity,
  • through broadly accessible cloud-based-engineering systems that facilitate industrial-component design and optimization, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities,
  • based on continuous development of innovative manufacturing technologies, practices for industrial-component design, and distinct process-simulation systems,

that all result in making manufacturing more efficient, provide substantial advantage to customers, and as such assure sustainable growth of added value and sales.


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HTS IC has HQ offices in the USA and Austria (EU), production facilities in Italy and Slovenia, and sales offices and representatives in Spain, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.