HTS Integral insert / liner Ultimate sleeve cost optimization solution

Based on years of close cooperation with our customers, we at HTS have developed a solution to prolong slevee lifetime and decrease the overall cost of sleeves.
HTS integral insert, made with HTS developed special alloy is the optimal solution for sleeve lifetime increase at high cost efficiency.

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iTherm® next level of conformal cooling solutions

A properly engineered, conformal cooled component contributes between 20% and 40% to reduction of cycle time. This improvement of productivity increases operating income by more than 40%.

MFT Technology

Innovative Metal Fusion Technology (MFT™) is a proprietary form of Additive Manufacturing used to produce iTherm® products and is used exclusively by HTS IC.

iTherm® solutions for Die Casting Industry

iTherm® Conformal Cooling Die-Casting solutions bring series of benefits in Productivity, Quality of Products, Process Stability, and Environmental Footprint.