iTherm® next level of conformal cooling solutions

A properly engineered, conformal cooled component contributes between 20% and 40% to reduction of cycle time. This improvement of productivity increases operating income by more than 40%.

MFT Technology

Innovative Metal Fusion Technology (MFT™) is a proprietary form of Additive Manufacturing used to produce iTherm® products and is used exclusively by HTS IC.

iTherm® solutions for Die Casting Industry

iTherm® Conformal Cooling Die-Casting solutions bring series of benefits in Productivity, Quality of Products, Process Stability, and Environmental Footprint.

iTherm® solutions for Injection Molding Industry

iTherm® Conformal Cooling solutions for Injection-Molding are engineered for thermal effectiveness, assuring production stability, product quality, and as such providing the means for substantial optimization of molding process.