We are introducing environmentally friendlier shot sleeves.

We at HTS have developed a special shot sleeve with a substantially longer lifetime – innoSleeve BY HTS.

It is used with a quickly replaceable, wear-resistant integral insert/ liner that extends sleeve lifetime and minimizes production downtime.

innoSleeve is compatible with all iTherm® Die-Casting Injection Systems and standard Injection Systems.

innoSleeve_environmentally friendlier shot sleeve

Simulate your Die Casting system upgrade with our new Online Simulation tool!

If you are looking to buy one of our iTherm components and you are wondering how much you could save in cycle time, we have created a tool that could help you envision an upgraded system. Our Online Numerical Simulation tool lets you compare head to head a completely conventional Die Casting system versus a conformal cooled iTherm DC system, and everything in between. The Online Simulation tool lets you configure a wide range of paramaters for your next Die Casting system upgrade, and calculates the savings in cycle time, biscuit solidification, previews a case-specific thermal image animation, and much more.

Run your simulation

We are adding a 3rd additive manufacturing technology

We are happy to inform you, that with the addition of SLM technology we became the only producer of conformally cooled components with three different in-house additive manufacturing technologies:

- our own developed MFT
- Selective Laser Melting (a.k.a. 3D metal print)

CASE STUDY AS CASTING reduces cycle time by 19% with implementing the iTherm® Shot block

Throughout last couple of years, AS CASTING has implemented iTherm® shot block into their production and reached substantial productivity improvements, based on shorter cycle time and longer component lifespan.

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