We have opened a new sales and technical support office in France

With a newly established sales and engineering support office in Lyon we are executing our strategic plan in one of the core 4 pillars - availability and local support for our customers. Doing this we will be able to deliver on our brand promise of productivity increase in French
market even more efficiently.


We are exhibiting at EUROGUSS 2022!

This is a great opportunity for Euroguss attendees to get to know us as an integrated group of companies, examine our whole product portfolio and meet the people behind iTherm®!

iTherm® additive manufactured components will be presented in-depth, along with our complete die casting portfolio including plungers, shot sleeves, integral inserts, lubrication system and CNC machined die frames.

Along with all that, we have two more surprises which will be revealed at the fair!

CASE STUDY AS CASTING reduces cycle time by 19% with implementing the iTherm® Shot block

Throughout last couple of years, AS CASTING has implemented iTherm® shot block into their production and reached substantial productivity improvements, based on shorter cycle time and longer component lifespan.

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MFT Technology

Innovative Metal Fusion Technology (MFT™) is a proprietary form of Additive Manufacturing used to produce iTherm® products and is used exclusively by HTS IC.